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Occupational Therapy

Tools for living independently.

Our occupational therapists work to improve sensory regulation, dexterity, and motor skills so they can perform simple, daily tasks. Therapists work with children diagnosed with developmental delays, physical limitations, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

What challenges does an Occupational Therapist help with?

Sensory Integration

Fine Motor

Visual Perception

Successful Engagement

Coordination & Balance

Planning & Organizing

Grooming & Hygiene


Self Feeding


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Why is my child a picky eater?

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Why do some children not like certain clothing or textures?

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What are the first steps of starting at AchieveAbility?

Our other comprehensive pediatric therapy services

Speech Therapy

Speech & Language Improvement Specialists

Give your child the tools they need to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Speech therapy can help with anything from talking to eating.

ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis Assessment & Treatment Plans
Our ABA Therapy services give kids the tools to decrease negative behaviors and increase socially significant behaviors so they can achieve the best quality of life.